As a top interconnect supplier, Glenair provides products which encompass a vast scope of connectors which are military qualified. They have the largest index of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector additions, which include integrated cables, backshells, and discrete connectors.

Glenair's merchandise conjoins and secures precise electronic equipment employed in military and commercial Satellites, Avionics, Navy Ships, Armored Vehicles, Soldier Gear, and Unmanned Robots.

Air Electro:

Air Electro is a professional manufacturer of cable assemblies, contacts, and custom connectors. Additionally, they supply undivided competence in constructing printed circuit contacts including Swiss precision screw machines.

As the eminent leader in handling MIL-SPEC contacts and connectors, Air Electro also offers a large variety of custom-made items, such as printed circuit pins and special coax and triax contacts.


RSCC Wire & Cable is a global forerunner of top performance in function, control, and specialty cables. Their inventive designs are apparent in Armored Cables, Control Cables, Critical Circuit Cables, Fire Resistant Cables, Instrumentation Cables, High Voltage Wire & Cables, Sensor Cables, and Military Specification Wire & Cables.

Corsair Electrical Connectors:

Corsair is an in-house manufacturing company which specializes in commercial aircraft connectors, aerospace connectors, and military connectors. With over 25 top of the line machine centers, Corsair's tooling and engineering is all accomplished on-site to assure speedy and competitive feedback to clients' requests.

Winchester Electronics:

Winchester Electronics is a leading global provider of interconnect solutions for the Electronics industry, Military, Aerospace and Commercial Aviation.
Our Brands: Bomar, Cadilac, Continental Connectors, Kings, Source Technology, SRC Haverhill, SRI Hermetics and WinchesterProvide wide selection of highest quality RF, Microwave, Fiber Optics, Rack & Panel, Combination D-Subminiature/D-Sub and Hermetic electrical connectors for a range of applications.
printed circuit board (PCB) and wire-to-board connectors and contacts for ruggedized military application.
Fiber Optics cables, RF Cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable, Heavy Gauge power cables and Ruggedizes Cable Assemblies.
Microwave absorber materials, Sensors, Fiber Components.

JOWO - Systemtechnik GmbH:

Specialized in planning, engineering and manufacturing of electrical, fiber optic and hybrid connectors for harsh environmental, for the ex-area and water pressure tightness at depths of up to 200 bars Distribution of electrical, fiber optic and hybrid connectors for military applications (according to VG, MIL, MS), for onshore and offshore area (8810, 8811,8819, Series M) and for the industrial area.
Planning, development, construction and manufacturing of complex cabling systems for fiber optic cables, copper cables and hybrid cables for diverse areas such as water pressure-tight applications for underwater use, explosion hazard area, heavy industry and Oil & Gas industry.
Pressure-related functional testing of your components, incl. pressure test certificate for up to 1200 bars.