Acquisition via FMF (Foreign Military Financing)

A large percentage of acquisitions for the Israeli security industry are made using financial aid provided by the U.S. Government. FMF funding can only be applied to products that are at least 51% manufactured in the Unite States. Navigating the FMF path is always tricky and full of pitfalls. There are strict requirements that need to be met in order to apply for and utilize these funds. F.E.C. has mastered the process and helps countless customers reach flawless acquisitions.

Meeting the challenges others cannot

There are two issues which many companies find extremely difficult to handle when applying for FMF funding:

  • Finding reliable manufacturing and acquisitions sources in the USA.
  • Understanding and cooperating with a security acquisition delegation.

F.E.C. has undertaken many FMF transactions. A sample transaction might include having parts contracted to be manufactured in the U.S. and then shipped to Israel for assembly and testing the finished unit.

Centralized FMF oversight

F.E.C.’s Israel desk is the center for coordinating FMF orders, including oversight of the various communications between Israeli assemblers, U.S. manufacturers and security acquisition delegations. Our expertise is the most significant reason why F.E.C should be your top supply choice. Our traceability process ensures that any potential problem is solved before it can cause delays or budget worries.

If your company is planning to use FMF money in the future or has used it in the past with other vendors who caused problems rather than solved them - contact F.E.C. and enjoy the benefits of outstanding experience and client relations.