The Engineering Team

F.E.C's Engineering Team is a group of unique and talented individuals with a vast range of experience who serve some of our most demanding customers.

Working alongside the customer engineering and/or R&D departments in the military industrial field, F.E.C is deeply involved in the development process. F.E.C's Engineering Team offers solutions to customer requirements and provides alternative products, new technologies, and support from prototype design to production.

The F.E.C. team is intimately involved in the entire process, enjoying close relationships and collaborations with the world’s finest providers. This allows F.E.C. to monitor the entire process, identifying and responding to any technical issues during the development, manufacturing and completion phases.

Speaking the same language as our vendors

Through our exclusive relationships with our American suppliers and providers, F.E.C. showcases new solutions in cables, connectors, and accessories that are not yet familiar to the global market, providing a competitive edge for our customers. Our highly developed communication methods make our customers’ requirements perfectly understandable and flawless for producing a full cable assembly, prototype cables, connectors, special PC tail contacts, and accessories.

The advantage goes beyond the transaction. While preparing an engineering specification, F.E.C. also produces a requirements document, installation guide, user manual, and implementation map to assure trouble free integration and operation of complex systems. Prototypes may be built and tested before a manufacturing run is initiated in order to assure that our solution is both efficient and fits all client requirements.